We know that the format of the Plan Summary tables in the reports you download from Genovo has been bugging some of our users, and we've been racking our brains for a solution to this for a little while now. We even wrote a user tip blog back in November of last year in which we suggested some possible workarounds.

The issue

Historically, Genovo has rendered Plan Summary tables horizontally and each column has been automatically allocated an equal width as demonstrated below. 

So far so good. However, when you have lots of fields in a table, the column width isn’t always wide enough to display certain longer words in full, and the word leaches over two rows which clearly doesn’t look very good and takes time to reformat.

The new solution

We've added some fancy new code which means moving forward, if a Plan Summary table contains more than 7 fields it will be automatically rendered vertically rather than horizontally, which means the above table will now look like this when you download the report to Word.

This change has been applied to your account automatically. However, should you decide that you'd like to revert back and prefer to have all of the Plan Summary tables render horizontally irrespective of the number of columns included, this can be easily achieved by changing a new setting in your active Report Theme.

The Report Theme

Within customisation>report theme you'll notice a new setting 'Plan Summary table format'.

By default this will be set to dynamic which means a Plan Summary table with less than 7 fields will continue to be rendered horizontally, but a table with more than 7 fields will be automatically rendered vertically.

However, it is possible to switch to Fixed horizontal which means all Plan Summary tables will be rendered horizontally irrespective of the number of fields included.