This is one that a few of you have suggested, so thanks for the feedback and please do keep those suggestions coming.

To save you time having to re-key data or flick backwards and forwards between screens, we've added a niffty new  short-cut feature that means if you create a Current Investment Strategy (CIS) for a plan in a review section, and a Weighted Average Charge (WAC) can be auto-calculated (i.e there is an allocation % (totalling 100%) and the same type of charge for each investment) for any of the following fields:

- AMC %

- TER %

- OCF %

- DFM Charge %

- Transaction Costs %

- Incidental Costs %

Then the WAC will be carried across and automatically inserted into the corresponding field in the Plan Charges step for that plan.

So let's see how this could work in practice. Let's say you create the following CIS for a client's existing ISA in the Review of Your Existing Investments section.

The WAC for the TER, Transaction Costs and Incidental Costs are auto-calculated. However, the magic doesn't stop there! Because when you progress to Plan Charges, you'll notice that these figures have also been automatically inserted into the corresponding fields in this step as shown in the screenshot below.


You can then quickly add any further charges e.g Platform Service Service, Adviser Service Charge and the Aggregated Total Charge (ATC) %, and the ATC in monetary terms will be automatically calculated for you in the usual way.

Niffty hey? But just in case you're still not sufficiently impressed, remember that you can share Current Investment Strategies with multiple plans across review sections, clone and reuse investment strategies and if that still isn't enough - if you need to edit the CIS for a plan and the WACs change as a result, the corresponding fields in the Plan Charges step will also update automatically to reflect the changes