Within Genovo it has always been possible to:

1) Clone a Current Investment Strategy (CIS) and reuse it in a review or the Investment Strategy section.

2) Clone a Recommended Investment Strategy (RIS) and reuse it within the Investment Strategy section.

However, it hasn't historically been possible to clone a RIS and reuse it in a review section.....

Then one of our users (you know who you are) had the bright idea to point out that when you're doing a follow-up review report for a client, you'd typically use their last report as the basis for the new report (by cloning it); and it is not uncommon in such instances for the RIS you recommended for a plan in the last report to now be the CIS for the same plan in the new report. And so, it would be nice if you could clone a RIS and reuse it in a review section. Well now you can!

Moving forward, any RIS's you create in the Investment Strategy section of a report will also be available for selection in the CIS drop down in all review sections of that report.


However, it is worth remembering that if you do select a RIS in a review section, that you are selecting exactly the same investment strategy as one in the report's Investment Strategy section, so be careful if you make changes to it as these changes will take effect everywhere it's used. For example if you were to subsequently delete the RIS in the Investment Strategy section (as you were now recommending a different investment strategy), this would also delete it in the review section. 

 To avoid any such associated issues, you should always convert the RIS into a CIS by cloning it in the review section and using the cloned version of the RIS as the new CIS in the review section.