You will find an Assets & Liabilities and IHT Position step in the Introduction section of some report types, click here for more info.

It is a fixed (optional) step in the Review Report 2.0. In the Suitability report, the step is automatically triggered when you select the following Genovo-owned advice option in the Client Objectives step:

"Look at ways to reduce the inheritance tax liability that could become due on your estate on your death"

You can edit the three column headings within the table e.g. change "Mr" to "David", and all of the columns and rows are intelligent, so if you do not enter data in a particular row or column it wont be included in your report.

The total net value of the client's estate will be auto-calculated and inserted in your report, and you will be prompted to insert the IHT liability that is currently due on the client's estate.