If you are adding multiple plans to a review or recommendation section with the same or similar charging structure, you will find it much quicker to use the copy down charges function rather than re-key this information for each plan. 

How to copy down charges from one plan to another

You are prompted to include the charges of each plan you add to a review or recommendation section in the Plan Charges step of that section.

To copy down the charges of a plan to the plan directly below it simply click on the copy down charges icon to the right of the edit pencil.

Having copied down the charges to a plan, you can then edit them in the usual way by clicking on the edit pencil for that plan.

 If you have multiple plans in the list and you wish to copy down the charges from plan 1 to plan 5 say, you will need to keep copying down the charges from plan to plan i.e. plan 1 to plan 2, plan 2 to plan 3 and so on.