The regulator's guidance regarding the use of templates and software is quite clear. Although they can be useful and time-saving, the report must still be personalised to reflect the client's circumstances, needs and objectives; and the reasons for the recommendation(s) must genuinely link back to these needs and objectives and not merely come from a list of stock answers which often remain unchanged. Hence with Genovo you can quickly and easily edit any Advice Reason for an individual report.

Moreover, certain advice reasons will always require further information from you to ensure they accurately reflect your advice service and / or the client's circumstances and objectives - the *INSERT* acts as a prompt for you to include this additional information.

To edit an advice reason and include any additional information, simply select it and then click the corresponding edit icon as shown below.

You will be directed to a new page. Edit the advice reason as required, click save and you will be returned to the list of advice reasons.