You should always include the Recommended Investment Strategy section if you're recommending:

1. A new product (which has an investment element) in a recommendation section in a suitability report

It's within the Recommended Investment Strategy section that you'll be prompted to provide details of the underlying fund(s), DFM, structured product, model portfolio or even you're recommending the client invests into via the plan(s) you've included in the recommendation section(s), as well as the reasons why you're recommending them. 

2. The switch or rebalance of funds within an existing investment within a review section. 

The Recommended Investment Strategy section should also be added to the Report Builder when you select an investment switching-related 'recommended action' in a review section. As it’s within the Recommended Investment Strategy section that you'll be prompted to provide details of the revised investment strategy for the existing plan(s).

The Recommended Investment Strategy step of the Recommended Investment Strategy Section allows you to create one or multiple investment strategies. For example, you may wish to recommend one over-arching investment strategy for a number of plans held on a wrap, or a number of distinct investment strategies for the different plans being recommended – this is all achievable with Genovo.

 If the Recommended Investment Strategy section isn't required e.g. you are only recommending an annuity product, you can remove it from the Report Builder by clicking delete, or hide it be unchecking include.