We're aware of a local web browser settings issue that's causes certain users to experience unintentional behaviour when accessing the Genovo app via the Internet Explorer (IE) web browser. This typically results in the user experiencing one or both of the following:


1. “Disappearing” icons and checkboxes on the main dashboard and other pages within the app.

How the dashboard should look with all icons



How the dashboard could look if you are experiencing “disappearing” icons



2. Inability to select a client(s) in the write/view report page

Having selected the client(s) in the write/view report page and then clicked the write report button you are presented with the warning message “Please select at least one client” in red, and you can't progress through to the Report Builder.


Recommended Solution 

Implementing one of the following solutions will fix both issues. 


1) Use a different web browser


Like so many web-based applications Genovo works well in browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Opera. If you don’t have any of these installed on your PC or Mac already, they are very easy to download and install.


You can download Chrome here.


You can download Firefox here.


It is also worth mentioning here that the recent release of Edge by Microsoft will ultimately supersede IE. (Edge is the default browser on Windows 10 and can only run on Windows 10 at present).


2) Change your IE browser settings 


Here's a step-by-step guide to the changes you’ll need to make to your settings within your locally installed version of the IE browser.  

Step 1


Open your IE browser and click Tools (the cog in the top right hand corner of the browser window).

Step 2

Select Internet Options from drop down menu. This will open the Internet Options widow (see below).

Step 3

On the General Tab, click the Settings button towards the bottom of the tab under the Browsing history sub heading. This will open the Website Data Setting window (see below).

On the Temporary Internet Files tab make sure Check for newer versions of stored pages is set to Every time I visit the web page.

Click the History tab and make sure Days to keep pages in history is set to at least 20.

Step 4

Click OK on the Website Data Settings window then OK again on the Internet Options window.

Finally, completely close and restart Internet Explorer.

That should do the trick, but needless to say if having implemented one of the above solutions you are still experiencing problems please don't hesitate to get in touch.