You can change the look and feel of your Graphical User Interface (GUI) to reflect your company's branding via your GUI theme. It looks like this:

You can change the primary and secondary colours used throughout your Graphical User Interface (GUI) using the colour picker or by entering the appropriate hex code. A hex code is a six digit code used in web design to specify a particular colour.

If you don't know the hex codes of the colours used in your branding (and why should you!) click here to be directed to a handy little tool which will grab the hex colours from your website simply by entering its URL. 

The Genovo logo is displayed in the top left hand corner of the GUI by default. If you would prefer to display your own logo, first upload your logo and check display your logo. Here's a quick little video that explains how to upload your logo.

You can also personalise the title text displayed in the top right hand corner.